All the elements of a perfect weekend: sun, relaxation, and family

Well it's not often you hear me say relaxation and family in the same breath. And I have not claimed a weekend as perfect in some time now. Its usually stressful and exhausting. Today it all came together and it was almost unbelievable!

First, we're two days into a three day weekend. The extra day certainly takes the pressure off doesn't it? You feel like you can tackle some of the bigger projects. I've been working on a huge spring cleaning assignment this past week, more on that later (and yes I do know it is autumn!) Knowing that we have to tomorrow at home as well meant I could relax a little.

The boys were up early as usual. It may seem like a small thing but they got all our cardboard recycling out to the curb before I even woke up. We had dozens of huge boxes and miscellaneous cardboard pieces crowding around the front door - results from my week of cleaning. Recycling, as much as I am all for it, is a nightmare at the best of times since the collection schedule is somewhat erratic.

It was a glorious day so the boys decided to head for the river for a picnic and a spot if fishing. Both boys have fishing rods now and while the fish are tiny in the river Mr. Mee a Bee has a plan. He tells me the boys are in training now, beginner fishermen. Once they have mastered a few basic techniques they will be ready for fishing in the sea! I suspect Little Guy may still be too hyperactive for the Fishing port. The river is shallow and manageable should you end up going for a dip.

With the gang out of the way for the morning I busied myself with sewing. Kids Clothing Week Challenge (kcwc) kicks off tomorrow so I wanted to get a head start on that. I spent the whole morning in my pjs bustling in and out of the laundry, making the most of the good weather, and the sewing room. I am all set for the week ahead!

The kids got back not long after lunch but headed outside to play with their friends. Little Guy has a few new friends in the neighborhood. He's a very independent boy, as long as he has people around him he's happy. It's very sweet when he pops inside every hour or so and says "oh baby I missed you too" (a variation on a movie quote). He's never far away.

We ended our perfect day with a wonderful home cooked meal prepared by Mr. Mee a Bee. Everyone was starving and nobody complained about any aspect of the meal. Why doesn't that happen during the week?

And we topped it off a DVD. I can finally see why women go crazy over Ryan Gosling after watching The Ides of March. But I still have no idea what that title means. And what the point of the film was. Was it successful when it was released? I won't recommend it, it was kind of boring. Politicians, scandals, back room deals. Nothing much happened, then it ended. As you know I much prefer films that resonate deeply to your core, this didn't do it for me.

And we still have a day! Mr Mee a Bee has volunteer civil defense duty in the morning. The kids have plans I am sure. And my day is joyfully free of plans so far!

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