Being in business is not easy sometimes!

Roadblocks, hitches, glitches, call them what you will. The road is sometimes bumpy. Right now we're experiencing some difficulties with our bank, PayPal. It's the result of a policy change, a legal issue which will ultimately keep online sellers and buyers safer. Fraud, scams and financing terrorism are the targets. Unfortunately honest companies like my own are also being scrutinized. I understand and appreciate the need to do it but I must apologise to my customers who are being stonewalled at payment time. How frustrating! You may see this notice in my shop window:

IMPORTANT NOTICE: thanks for visiting Mee a Bee. Some customers have been reporting difficulties paying with PayPal. I humbly apologize for the inconvenience. PayPal has ramped up security, which will be good for all of us, but it's taking time to review all of the Japan based accounts. I am told we should be able to operate fully in about a week. In the meantime PLEASE email or send me a note with the items you want to buy. I will set them aside and pop in an extra gift for your troubles as soon as I can confirm the payment.

Thank you for your understanding, Jacqui Miyabayashi 💝

We will rejoice the return to 'fully operational' with a SALE or a GIVEAWAY and it will hopefully coincide with our FIFTH Birthday celebrations later this month! How would you like me to celebrate? discount, free gift, free shipping? cake at my place?


  1. I know how you feel.
    Having the same problems. ;( Hope it is sorted soon.

  2. Oh my gosh Karen, I tried to buy something, just to see what would happen and was told the transaction could not be completed - no explanation, nothing. I HOPE it is resolved for both of us soon. Some sales are still going through but who knows how many are not.

  3. Nothing????

    I too hope it is resolved quickly cause it is kind of ANNOYING.

    Same here - some sales are going through but not all. ;(

    All the best!


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