Did you catch my interview? Now online!

Did you listen to my interview a couple of weeks ago? I was interviewed on a live talk show by Katie Adler. It was a load of fun. I enjoyed my hour of fame tremendously. This morning I listened to the recording in full and I am happy to say I sounded quite normal, I didn't reveal any personal secrets or say anything embarrassing. Would you like to listen? It's an hour long!

Here's the link: Katie Adler English interviews Jacqui Miyabayashi

In it you'll hear how I came to start Mee a Bee, my children's accessory shop. I also talk about Chatty Cafe and my Personal Shopper from Japan service. My kids and the topic of child labour comes up and I briefly share what we have done to encourage bilingualism. I confess my great love for Martha Stewart and cite both her and my father as great sources of entrepreneurial inspiration. We discuss baking and my cakes. I mention how much I love reading. All this and more crammed into one entertaining hour! I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks again Katie!

PS. Obviously many other people in my life are huge sources of motivation and inspiration but my auntie S had hoped for a special mention. When I win my award for -?-----?-- I will make sure I have my list written down properly for my acceptance speech!


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