Happy Halloween! My Halloween Bento for dinner.

I'm not really known for my wonderful creative bento lunch boxes but I try! This evening I surprised Noodle with this attempt at a jack o' lantern. I texted a copy of the picture to Mr. Mee a Bee. He quickly replied and questioned whether I had really made it myself. Such is the rarity of my efforts. Anyway Noodle considers himself too old for kawaii cute bento! He smiled when I showed it to him and agreed it appropriate for tonight being Halloween.

In case you are wondering, the rice is Japanese sticky short grain rice. The 'face' is dried seaweed 'nori'. I made tamago yaki Japanese rolled omelette, diced cucumbers and the mini scotch eggs are Noodle's favorite. I ordered them for the school field trip lunch he had yesterday. He went to see the newspaper printing press. I remember going on a similar tour when I was his age!

Happy Halloween!

A little note to our friends in the US who were hit by the storm yesterday and the day before. Hang in there, you are in our thoughts.


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  1. Looks fantastic, very creative. Would love to try your mini scotch eggs. Recipe post?


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