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What a terrific view! Here's Mr E, one of our winners from the 'My How They've Grown' contest we held earlier this year. He lives in my hometown! Although my family is on the other side of this rough, choppy sea. This is Auckland city, the downtown CBD, viewed from the North Shore. It's a short 12 minute trip across by ferry (a Quick Cat speed boat ferry).

E's mum Kelly sent me this picture last Saturday afternoon. Little did she know that I had been following her updates about the rough ferry ride via Twitter or maybe it was Facebook? Who else finds it hard to keep up with Social Media? I mean, that wasn't even a term a couple of years ago!

Anyway, thank you E for being such a handsome model and for loving my bag so much! and thanks Kelly for sharing it with us.

This week kids in NZ are back at school for the final term of the year. E had such a fantastic time with his mum during the holidays he didn't want to go back. I can totally relate. I cried every first day of every new term until I was about twenty years old! Yep, I even cried in my first year of university. I suffered homesickness terribly at overnight stays or camps. My parents were shocked when I decided to come and live in Japan, they never thought they'd see the day that I would willingly stay away from home!

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