Oh la la! A meal out

Yesterday evening our swimming club got together to farewell our coach. We convened in a lovely local French restaurant. The food was decidedly Nouvelle Cuisine, beautifully presented and so delicious. Except the duck. Thank god I did not order that. I think I might have been sick had I been force to eat it. My main was pork with a red wine reduction. Mmmm.

As marvelous as the food was I enjoyed an evening out tremendously. I'm afraid I drank too much beer (it was all you can drink) and talked up a storm. I managed to give my elevator pitch "I am a children's bag designer ... But I need to finesse my explanation more so it works well in Japanese.

Everyone in this crowd was more interested in my Chatty Cafe venture anyway so I spent a bit of time talking about language learning. I might get some new students! I am thinking about adding another couple of classes to my schedule. Let me know if you are interested.

I've got an idea for a breakfast meeting, any earlybirds in the area? Want a power-hour of English before work? Call me! Nine o'clock is the earliest I can manage right now but from April next year I will be free from eight.

Amazingly in this very small city I meet people almost every week who speak English. A mum who spent a year working in a vineyard in the South Island (NZ); a couple who honeymooned in Australia; a retired elementary school teacher who loves to travel; a woman whose daughter lives overseas. It's exceptional! I am so lucky to meet such extraordinary people. The fact that they speak English is a bonus, what I really enjoy hearing about is their interesting lives.

So that's my weekend so far! (Don't worry I do not have a hangover!) This afternoon I am sewing a few things. And reading "Children at Play" by Heidi Britz-Crecelius, it's a book I have had for years about Waldorf Principles (educational philosophy).

Have a good one!


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