Scaling new heights of embarrassment

Oh what's Little Guy doing home? Isn't he going to kindy today? Turns out today is a holiday at kindy. How do we know that? We arrived and found it closed! How embarrassing! All I can say is thank goodness we didn't actually walk up to the gate. Things looked suspicious in the car park so we quickly drove home, hopefully before anyone saw us!! The joys of being a foreign non-Japanese reading mum! But really we have become complacent about reading notices from kindergarten, know-alls who have been in the system for years. The buck stops here!

So we have an unexpected day off. Nice!

As far as I recall, from previous years, today is the information day for prospective new students, for next year. Hence the day off.

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  1. Love his cheeky smile! He looks pleased to be home anyway.


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