Sewing up the deal of the day, I wish I had a robot!

Sometimes I spend too much time on all the {important} stuff of business, balancing the books, ordering supplies, touching up photos, emailing customers. Other times I spend too much time on all the {important} stuff of life, browsing cool shops online, pinning lustful objects on Pinterest, downloading songs on iTunes and watching episodes of MadMen until the early hours of the morning. THEN I feel behind with my sewing and wish for a helpful robot to do some of the mundane tasks.

There are few things I really don't like doing. But one is sewing the 'Mee a Bee, handmade in Japan' labels onto the back of every item I make. First I have to change the thread on my sewing machine to white. I am so tempted to be lazy and use the off-white/ beige thread I mainly sew with but I know I will regret it later.

Each label takes just a few seconds to sew on, but each one has to be done individually including snipping the threads neatly. We're probably talking a minute per bag or purse but it's very repetitious work. See I do need a robot!

Another somewhat undesirable task is sewing on Velcro. The teeth side is particularly obnoxious and often grabs the thread, snapping or twisting it up in the needle, forcing me to re-work the whole piece and re-thread the needle. Anyone have a Velcro Robot?

I feel so happy though when the end result of an afternoon's work is a lovely pile of wonderful Robot Lunch Money Wallets. Some of these are going out to my newsletter subscribers and one of the others could be yours if you take advantage of the Deal of the Day: free Robot Lunch Money Wallet with purchase of matching Robot Messenger Bag Satchel in my shop. I have just four left and then NO MORE ROBOT FABRIC. It's been a great run and I am so fond of these bags. Grab yours today.



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