Slow start Monday morning

Oh Monday morning how I relish thee. The kids are back at school, Mr is at work and the house is blissfully empty. I often spend Monday morning catching up on blog reading as a diversion from the huge amount of housework to be done after the weekend.

Roost books
Lunch bag from Linen Wool Cotton

The blog at RoostBooks links to a simple pattern for a useful lunch bag. Noodle needs a packed dinner several nights a week for his tutoring class. We've been using one of the cute drawstring bags from Mee a Bee but since this bag has a flat bottom it will be much better. I might line it with nylon or something waterproof. Looks like my housework will have to wait!



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  1. I love this photo! Reminds me of the peacefulness in Japan.... I miss my days being there!


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