Sports & Culture Day

We have had a totally awesome family day at Little Guy's kindergarten. Today was the annual Sports Day. It was terrific weather, not too hot and our assigned area was in the shade, lucky!

My kids' grandparents got up at 5am to catch the train and take a taxi to our kindergarten so they could watch. Little Guy was happy to have quite an audience. At first it looked like only I would be able to go. But it ended up being me, the grandies, an auntie, two of my wonderful students AND Mr. Mee a Bee and Noodle came for the last hour!

As you can see it was packed to the gills. What a fantastic turnout. A few people were moaning about not being able to see but most people were courteous and accommodating to each other, which was nice.

For the first time this year the boys and the girls all participated in both the marching band and the gymnastics display. In previous years girls did the band, boys did the gymnastics but with the ageing population and dwindling roll there are not enough kids to separate them. It's much more gender-fair now anyway, I like it. I did always think the kids should have had a choice.

Here is Little Guy playing the drum. He is marching right next to one of our best friends (I was so busy trying to take photos, make a video and watch that I did not notice). They played several tunes including the Star Wars theme song.

And below is the gymnastics display. The photos are terrible since I was wedged behind a tree some distance from the field. It was THAT crowded.

Lunch on the 54th floor of the local hotel ended a perfect morning!



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