Sports Day Artwork

Monday morning - turned out busy after all.

Little Guy Sports Day
In fact this morning wasn't such a relaxing one since I had observation day at kindergarten. Little Guy's class had their ENGLISH lesson! I have always wondered what it must be like for the teacher to have a bilingual in the class. (She is American). She was terrific and handled the whole class extremely well. Little Guy contributed no more than any other kid and was given the same enthusiastic praise as all of the others. The kids just loved the lesson and embraced it with great gusto. They all knew a surprising amount of English and took it all in their stride - future world ambassadors!
After the English lesson each kid gave a short presentation about their artwork, which was displayed on the main wall. The English teacher had gone to the next class so this was done in Japanese! Each had to explain what they had drawn and which part they had found hardest to complete and were most proud of. The kids are five and six years old so coloring within the lines was a source of great pride. Their teacher explained that the pastel crayons they were working with are quite hard to manage, if you make a mistake you can't really do it over since the surface becomes quite slippery.
Little Guy's picture portrays him as a tall & strong boy. He is still the tallest in his kindergarten though a lot of the girls are now catching up. We often have little chats about being tall. I maintain that it's good to be tall. But we are all different and we are all the same and that is good.
My favorite detail of this picture? The hand grasping Little Guy's arm. Isn't that great?


  1. Love the pic, its now my new desktop pic.

  2. Wow, he's in kindergarten? The picture totally rocks!

  3. Thanks so much! Bit excited to have a famous visitor Rachel!


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