Swimming: It's going to be very hard to go from now on

Noodle's Picture of Me
Do you remember this picture? Noodle drew it for my birthday about two years ago. I love it!

So about swimming ... my gorgeous, wonderful coach has been transferred to another branch of the club. I am devastated! He's been my secret (not-so-secret) object of desire for the past two years, a serious crush, and 99% of the reason for my success at swimming. I am kind of joking about the crush, it's been a totally one-sided relationship and all in my head but I have a huge soft spot for swimmers.

In the past two years of training with him I have gone from puffing my way through a hundred meters to sprinting my way through two kilometers! My personal best was 2.3 km in one hour!! Not only that I think I have improved immensely to the point where I no longer feel tired or achy afterwards. Kinks in my neck or aches in my wrist from too much computer work are gone. I think I have quite a high level of fitness.

The coach's enthusiasm for swimming has drawn me out of my self-imposed shell and made me into a 'joiner' for the first time in Japan. I love being part of the team! It's so nice to be greeted by familiar faces each week and invited to participate in social events.

Last night when I got home, after the first session with the replacement coach, my husband asked me how he was. "Short" I replied. Nothing against short people but our old coach was wonderfully tall which is nice for me being tall myself. I am often taller than men in this country which is somewhat disconcerting. There's absolutely no risk of me developing a crush on the new coach. My husband is probably pleased!

The new coach is very friendly and quite knowledgeable about sports medicine and all aspects of fitness but he isn't a swimmer. I think as we head into winter it is going to be very hard to find the motivation to go out at 8 o'clock in the evening to swim!

Are you a person who suffers infatuations?

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