Buying Handmade this Season

Like many people (most people) I find myself on a budget this holiday season. I know my kids will enjoy Christmas regardless of how many presents are under the tree. We are certainly not about excess in this family. I have been trying to buy thoughtfully and share some love with my fellow handmade crafters, artists and purveyors of wonderful things. So far the list of purchases looks like this (for both Noodle's eleventh birthday this weekend and for their Christmas presents). I would love for you to visit some of my friend's shops as well. (Links below).

Handmade giving

for big boy, Noodle, I ordered a custom-made wall decal from my New Zealand pals Sticky Tiki. It will adorn my newly-turned eleven year old's door. The time has come for mum to respect his privacy and knock before entering the closed door. The little fella no longer resides in the shared room so we can happily convert it to a boy-man cave.

for each, Noodle and Little Guy, screen-printed to order in Brooklyn, t shirts. I wanted to get something practical but not boring. I think they will love these. Check out all the coolness at Gnome Enterprises. Little Guy has watched the DVD of Fantastic Mr.Fox hundreds of times. He will like this fox a lot. I also have James and the Giant Peach for him on DVD, to add to our Roald Dahl collection.

for big boy, I ordered the Sadly Harmless calendar for him because I liked the courageous champion theme. Noodle has a grueling workload from school and his advanced tutoring class. He gets disheartened and down from time to time so I offer small tokens of encouragement that won't embarrass him. This is perfect! Though I do love it myself, I will mount it in front of his desk.

a little treat for me, I've been friends with Lori Dean Dyment for years since meeting on Etsy. This green-eyed super hero girl doesn't exactly look like me but since I do have green eyes and am somewhat of a super mum I decided I would get it. It will offer quiet words of encouragement to me as well. This year has been tough in the handmade market and often times I have felt incredibly discouraged by the downturn. Luckily I am an optimistic person so I bounce back quickly.

It's Noodle's birthday this Saturday so we'll be getting together with some of the family. Even though we don't celebrate turkey day it is still a good time to reflect on how lucky we are. We are certainly grateful for everything we have, are able to do and for the people who share our lives, including you! happy thanksgiving.


PS. My shop has a Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal running. The secret code for Facebook fans and blog readers is SUPERHAPPY, giving an extra 5% off to a total of 25% off. Our last sale of the year, shipping for Xmas at regular rates until December 5th.


Thanks for reading! Comments welcome! Jacqui



  1. LOVE LOVE all of your treats!!! :)

  2. Awesome collection! Thanks so much for thinking of my piece.


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