Can you?

As much as I love encouraging girls to consider some of the other colors in the world I can't ignore the fact that pink is a hugely attractive choice for many girls. It's hard to say how it happens, the blindness to any other hue. Even my own Little Guy is still very partial to blue. His brother loves green.

Can you say no to pink?
These bags for little girls are either in my shop or will be there very soon. Those of you who have been following my blog for a while may remember the penguin fabric? I bumped into a little customer of mine last week. I was stoked to see her still using the bag I made for her a few years ago, in the very same fabric. I was delighted to find a little stash of it in my closet today.

The dog / map bag on the right is also making a return after quite some time. Being somewhat of a perfectionist I was stuck on finding the strapping I had used before. I think it is spot on!


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