Do you Skype?

Twitter and Pinterest are all the rage these days. Facebook gets mentioned every other breath. Instagram has over 80 million users. Mee a Bee, being very tech savvy is on all of these platforms - search for meeabee or jacquimiyabayashi if you want to follow or connect.

As good as they are it's very one-sided. I want to tell you about something, I want to show you something. You might like it, you'll click 'like', you might share or comment, you might re-tweet. That's all great but what about real conversations? I get the feeling a lot of these 'interactions' are nothing of the sort. It's me telling you what I want to say. The messages fall on deaf ears at worst or at best go in one ear and out the other. We are all suffering from massive information overload. We have become immune and forget that there is a living person on the other side.


Remember Skype? Today I had a marvelous conversation with an old buddy. We met online through our businesses some years ago yet have never actually spoken, never met in person nor even seen each other's faces (she may have seen me on my blog). How wonderful to find out how much we have in common. To learn we worry about the same things. To put some worries into perspective.

Being an expat, life is isolating. Working from home isolates me even more. Mothers with preschoolers feel equally alone at times. Retired people. People who live alone. hello skype! A couple of weeks ago I spent a great hour brainstorming with a friend, we came up with tons ideas for growing her business. Another evening a friend called to check in. She lives just half an hour away yet with our hectic schedules we hadn't seen each other since the beginning of summer. I spent about two hours bending the ear of another good friend a few weeks ago.

So ... wanna chat? I can think of plenty of blog friends that I would love to talk to, to meet in person, to have a coffee with. It's not always possible but Skype is! I am pretty sure you can find me by searching for Jacqui Miyabayashi. Don't be shy!



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