Gender Neutral Clothing for kids!


Tootsa MacGinty from tootsa macginty on Vimeo.

I came across this new clothing brand for children, Tootsa MacGinty. I love love love the concept. Their aim is to create gender neutral clothes for both boys and girls. The brand is not fashion driven but more focused on creating timeless pieces. Quality is important as well as price. I think they have done a good job at keeping the prices reasonable and the flat-rate shipping policy is appealing.

I really can't get enough of this brand philosophy. In particular the comments about girls being encouraged to play passively while boys are expected to be loud, boisterous and aggressive. Where does color and choice of motif come in?

In expanding Mee a Bee this is exactly the philosophy I would hope to adopt.However looking at the fabrics available right now it would be very difficult to execute. Just look at yesterday's post of pinkness! Ultimately I think I would have to design my own fabrics. Eeek! I think you know I can't draw so I might be on the look out for illustrators to work with.

Where do you stand on the issue of gender neutrality? Looking at the range from Tootsa MacGinty I see plenty that I'd love as a mum of boys but I wonder if some of the outfits might simply end up making a girl look boyish? It's hard to say now if would be the type of mum who would embrace that (if I had a little girl). I think it's probably pretty difficult for moms these days to avoid the pressure of dressing girls femininely and boys the other way.

I was quite a boyish girl myself, always with short hair and I don't think I ever wore pink. Was pink even an option when I was a girl? I don't think so. The extreme genderization of kids probably started happening more in the eighties or nineties. I loved green.



  1. I was a tomboy myself. It's harder to do in Japan but my daughter has a lot of handmedowns from her brother. Not all of them fit though as even at her age her body is shaped differently (especially for jeans).

    I recently read a book I loved with a character whose gender is not discernable: Stuck with the Blooz. It was great as I can see both kids really relating to the character, but it was hard to review without a pronoun!

  2. Awesome, will look that one up! Thanks P!


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