Indoor Playgrounds, Rainy Days, not many playdates left

With kindergarten finishing early twice last week and a whole day off today all the mums have undoubtedly felt a little stir crazy with the kids under their feet a bit more than usual. Most people don't have the luxury of space that we do. And if the weather is bad, well you know how it is.

So we've been to a local indoor playground twice in the past seven days with a gang of boys from Little Guy's class. And we have eaten out almost everyday in the past week. Oh dear.

The kids LOVE the indoor playground, especially those ball pools. I feel positively exhausted from the loudness of the place. Not only were there dozens of excitable kids and screaming babies but there was loud music blasting from speakers everywhere. My ears are actually ringing.

Since we had just been to the playground last week I debated not going today but I know how much Little Guy loves being invited out. We do miss out on a lot of things because I don't speak the language very well or people are unsure how to approach us. So I feel I should take every opportunity offered. It's nice to slowly get to know the other mothers. As you know I have struggled these past two years with kindergarten. The first time around I slotted straight in with a wonderful group of mothers. It hasn't been as easy to make friends this time.

We have just a few months to go of kindy. I am starting to feel nostalgic for this period in our lives. I know from experience that the world broadens immensely for kids once they go into primary school. Playdates become a thing of the past, that's for sure. My morning chats with Little Guy as we drive to kindy will be no more. Our Wednesday afternoons at the bakery truck.

I never thought I would rue the day my baby grew up! I do hope though that things go differently with him as he matures. Noodle has been desperately embarassed of his mother for quite some years now. I hope Little Guy's skin is a little thicker and we can avoid that. I really feel it has put some distance between Noodle and I which is sad.

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