Little Visitors - designing bags and sharing lunch

Today I had a visit from a little friend who will be four in a couple of weeks. This little lass has two older sisters who have been using Mee a Bee bags since they were four. Now Missy wants her own one. She came with lunch (so cute and girly) and fabric! She could not wait to show the material to me and laid it out so carefully. We discussed options, a backpack, a drawstring bag, a messenger bag - too many choices! She has gone home to think it over. Adorable!

Pretty Pink Disney Princess
Compare her little girl's lunch, both the color and the quantity to Little Guy's massive lunch I made this morning. He has been coming home from kindergarten weak with hunger and asked for the jumbo box (his brother's two storey lunch box). When I pick him up later I will find out how he got on. Will he have eaten it all? Within the allotted lunch hour?

Little Guy's jumbo lunch


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