Movies for kids? Real people are hard to find.

My mum always tries to find movies for the kids that feature real people. I have enjoyed movies like Finding Nemo, Cars and Madagascar which are animated but I am tired of them now. Do you enjoy them?

Most of all I am tired of silly slap-stick comedy or in fact any comedy at all geared towards kids. Of the television variety. The language is generally atrocious, even if not swearing the characters ridicule and belittle each other. There is always a good vs. evil theme. And way too much violence for my liking.

Eight Below
This weekend the kids and I watched Eight Below. This is a movie I can watch over and over. (ok so Paul Walker helps a lot!). It's an endearing film of friendship and courage. It has enough adventure and terrifying real world action for boys. No swearing, violence or sex (except a kiss at the end). The dogs are amazing as is the incredible scenery of Antarctica (though it is not actually filmed there). You really can't go wrong with this one. Read the reviews at

Nim's Island
Another one we have enjoyed many times is Nim's Island. Admittedly the boys won't watch this alone but they will watch it if I sit down with them. It's a little bit tame.

We also own Mr. Popper's Penguins which is okay if you're looking for a bit of silly. It is Jim Carey after all. The penguins are very realistic looking but I'm told CGI is used? It's set in New York which is always fun.

So with Christmas coming up are DVDs going in the stockings at your place? Family Movie Night doesn't happen at our place but we do enjoy the odd rainy Saturday movie afternoon.


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