The Annual Kindergarten Festival

The kindy kids dance while the principal plays the accordion
It's been a gorgeous day here in The South. Blue Skies as far as the eye could see and perfect for a day of family fun at kindy. Every year the kindergarten puts on a festival day. There are food stalls, games and the teachers perform skits. It's mainly organized by the mothers via the PTA.

My group was assigned the task of preparing and selling 'oden'. Oden consists of vegetables such as turnips, boiled eggs and other Japanese things that I cannot describe ... In a sweet brown broth. That sounds gross right? Well it's actually very tasty. We had huge pots of it boiling on portable gas burners. My particular job was to scoop in the egg, and exactly two ladles of the broth. Then I had to squirt mustard onto the edge of the bowl. And pass it to the customer. It was a lot of fun! And my first experience of anything to do with oden.

It got me thinking about my lunch out last week. I read the reviews of the restaurant and some of the comments were about the service. While it was not bad it was lacking that special something. I have never worked in a restaurant but I do run my own cafe classes here at home. I think a warm and welcoming atmosphere is 99% of the key to success. Don't you agree?

Good service is so important!


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