The writing's on the wall - close off dates for Christmas delivery

This morning I took a big pile of parcels to the post office. Several packages contained bags that are destined for Christmas stockings. Exciting! I used some Christmas packing tape and stickers for the first time this year on the parcels and felt quite festive as I passed them over the counter.

I'm so appreciative of Mee a Bee fans both new and old who have done their shopping early. Of course all of November is considered early so knock yourselves out in my shop! I can still take a few custom orders. I normally have tons of fabric that you probably haven't seen if you are looking for something extra special.

This evening was spent creating this banner for the Etsy shop. I'm not sure why but it seemed to take hours to do but I am happy with it (for now). I'm not sure what I had planned for tonight.

In case you are wondering. I use Gimp (free software) to create images. I bought the snowflake images from for a couple of dollars. I use fonts from lots of places. I think this one is called marketing script.
And of course my logo characters were done professionally by Chieco a few years ago. You can read about that here.

So! You have until December 5th to get your orders in at Mee a Bee. If you are in Japan you will have until the Friday in fact. December 7th. I'll be quite busy that weekend, December 9th I am booked in for my first ever mammogram. Yaye, not! And since December 10th is my birthday I just might be treating myself to an afternoon out. I won't be sewing, no, not me!

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