What went down this week

Not sure if I have blogged this week? It's Friday night and the week is over. Whirlwind week.

A few highlights from the week:

The before picture of our master calendar and yes it's painstaking to translate every school notice!

I contributed to Oh My Handmade Goodness this month with a few tips for handling the holiday rush. As a mother with a household and a business to run I need to be super-organized. But mothers are busy, regardless of whether they work or don't work (outside the home) so please take a look at my suggestions and comment if you find them useful or have anything to add.

I am really trying trying to take my own advice but I will let you in on a little secret. Today was Observation Day at Noodle's school, neither me nor Mr. Mee a Bee went - for the first time ever. We'd like to say we didn't know but the truth is I did have it written in my diary, I just hadn't looked at my diary for a while, I finally found it today under a pile of junk. Mr. Mee a Bee claims not to have known. Hmmmm. Noodle himself is unconcerned and says that at this grade level only a few parents attend and it's no big deal. In fact, he's adamant that I not attend (you know, funny foreign mum!). Anyway, it was a sharp reminder to check our master calendar!

I did a fair amount of sewing this week and added a few new bags to the shop including this simple drawstring backpack. I only have one in stock and no more fabric for this style of bag. I will have messenger bags at a later date. Take a look at the detail of the fabric in my shop, it's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz printed all over this lovely natural linen & cotton bag. So amazing. I think Noodle did a performance of 'Oz when he was at kindergarten. I have a vague recollection ...

Speaking of performances Little Guy will be performing in the kindergarten Christmas play next month. This year they're doing 'A Christmas Carol'. Little Guy will play the Scrooge character during childhood. His teacher told me last week that Little Guy has done brilliantly memorizing his lines after a touch of panic at the start of rehearsals since he cannot read. (She assures me I have no need to worry about that alarming fact but I am not so sure).

Earlier today I found a link to a great site called Postable which is where YOU can add your postal address to MY address book. Now the onus is on you to make sure I have your address IF you want a Christmas card this year!

I found this info on Real Simple.

You have two options to get on my list. First, if you consider yourself a close friend of mine or think we might be related then you should add yourself to my personal list.

If you are a fan of Mee a Bee, my blog or simply love receiving mail, particularly a wonderful exciting letter from JAPAN, then you should join this list. It goes without saying that I will not be sharing your info nor using it for any purpose other than sending you some festive mail. Use the notes section on the form to tell me your kids' names and I will address the card to them! FUN!

Other news?

Well I swam twice this week in the Masters Class. My coach asked me if I work out? Like do weight training. I am not sure why, do I have a body builder's physique? God I hope not!

I watched Little Guy's swimming lesson once and will go again tomorrow. I live at at the gym these days.

Noodle had a day off school yesterday for his school's Founding Day (yeah, that's a holiday!).

We all spent a torturous evening sneaker shopping on Tuesday, visiting approximately six sports shops and still coming home empty handed. Exasperating.

Those homemade Mallowpuffs were scrumptious, will you try to make them?

Handmade bag for boys
Pirate Messenger Bag by Mee a Bee
I got the new Pirate Messenger Bags for boys sewn up. The black is super cool but I was worried it might be disastrous in the wash. Whew, the wash test was amazing. I soaked a piece of the black canvas in hot water, overnight, with a white handtowel.

No fading, no color running, no shrinkage. awesome!

Lastly, my friends are keeping busy, spend the weekend with these links: Kristin of kltworks created a fab owl craft for Fawn & Forest's holiday mag, which is a beautiful magazine by the way. Read here.

Molly has some excellent gift guides on her website: Charlotte's Fancy.

Wow! I really need to blog daily, otherwise it's info-overload! Enjoy your weekend.

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