A fun afternoon! Kind of! Mee a Bee Christmas Greeting Video


So I had an idea that we'd have a marshmallow snowball fight like the one I mentioned the other day. I made the bags and even sent some off to surprise a few friends of Mee a Bee. I got the house cleaned up, made Little Guy get changed out of his school uniform, then waited for Noodle to come home. My plan was to make a fun video and wish all of our friends and family a happy Christmas.

It was a lot harder to convey the message of what I wanted to do to my kids! But here you have it, our Christmas greeting! I am not in the video due to a bad hair day. However, it is my voice you hear at the end.

Mee a Bee is officially closed to orders now (unless you live in Japan). I'm looking forward to more impromptu winter / holiday / Christmas fun with my kids. I have baking to do. My Christmas leg of beef arrived yesterday so I need a recipe. My auntie arrives in a week and a half so some cleaning might have to be squeezed in as well! Oh and shopping, well I ran out of steam so I have no idea where I am up to.

Merry Christmas!

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