Holiday projects - finally getting some done! Napkins.

Isn't it great being on holiday? Since I have finished sewing for Mee a Bee for the time being I am slowly starting to relax into holiday mode. My biggest priority today is to clean up the sewing room. It's like a bomb hit since there were some frantic moments over the past month. It seems like there are never enough hours in the day.


Mee a Bee handmade in Japan
Simple Overlocked Napkins

Still I do get side-tracked easily. Here is the result of today's delay tactic. Some colorful napkins for the family to use. I found this beautiful double gauze fabric online a few months ago. I knew it would be perfect for our family table since we have a lot of the same colors in our living area, yellow, green, blue and red. Double gauze is a very soft muslin type of fabric. It's often hard to know what to use it for, baby items?

To complete this project I simply cut the one meter I had purchased into eight rectangles (roughly measured) then folded them in half and overlocked them into squares. They're not super neat but they will certainly be nice on our table. Noodle is a big user of napkins. Little Guy is in the "wipe your hands on your jeans when mum is not looking" camp.


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