Life with a party animal

Saturday means party at my place! My neighbours may be wondering about all the partying going on here with Noodle's birthday last week and today the Chatty Cafe end-of-year shindig. Actually my postman wants in on the action. One day he came, there were bikes everywhere to maneuver around. Today he could barely reach the gate for all the cars parked in my driveway. Aside from the fact that we have a lot of friends around the world who send us fun parcels we clearly have a lot of real life friends! Don't you love this time of year?

Today's party was not quite as wild as last weekend's one. Little Guy tried his hardest to get everyone excited by bringing out his paper plane collection. (Last week he had the kids all jumping on the couches with Nerf Guns).

No today we kept it very civilized. Everyone was happy and I think it was one of my favourite Chatty Cafe parties ever. I had a simple(ish) menu planned and had worked out a solid game plan for the prep schedule. My two wonderful friends helped me keep things running smoothly and did most of the cleaning up as well. It really made a difference. Last week I was dead on my feet when the final kids left.

One of the big highlights of today's party was the fantastic home-brewed beer one of the fellows brought along. It never ceases to amaze me the diverse and fascinating hobbies people seem to have. I just learned about the local home-brew club a couple of weeks ago. In all my time in Japan I've never come across a person who even knows about home-brew. Admittedly I am not really a beer drinker, I've probably just been moving in the wrong circles!


So here's our day in photos:

The Gentlemen in the kitchen with me talking beer and guzzling wine!

Earlier in the day I was at swimming lessons with Little Guy, we stopped to watch the soccer for a few minutes.

The food! My shrimp cocktails are a hit. And all of my Christmas mince tarts were eaten. I kept it really simple by ordering some bite-sized things that I just had to heat up - chinese dumpling thingies and little meatballs were very yum.

December 1st, I let the kids open two stars on our advent tree, the first one read "You are my little star" which was a nice reminder for me to chill and enjoy my kids for a moment. The next one said HOT CHOCOLATE which was also a perfect way to end a busy Saturday and kick off a month of Christmas counting down.

Next Saturday? Our littlest party animal has a Christmas party to attend at his swimming school. He'll be there all afternoon so I will be able to take it easy for a change.


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