Little Guy's acting debut

Last week we parents were treated to a wonderful Christmas play at the kindergarten, A Christmas Carol.

Shamefully I don't know the story but I was kind of familiar with the characters. Little Guy played Scrooge, as a child. I couldn't get enough of the costumes. Little Guy was dressed in this adorable ensemble which included marvelous turquoise check trousers. Even though I had a front row seat (due to a stroke of good fortune in the seat lottery) I did not get a good photo. My friend gave me these yesterday so they're just scans.

Little Guy cannot read so his teacher patiently coached him for several weeks to get his lines just right. He did so well! I had my parent teacher conference on Tuesday and expressed my concerns about his lack of interest in reading. Being the great teacher that she is, she calmly reassured me that reading is not a prerequisite for entering school. Even though some other kids read well not all of them do. In fact Little Guy is doing well with his writing, pencil control, sitting still and concentrating. She is not in the least worried. Thanks goodness. We chatted for a moment about how chalk and cheese like my two boys are. She admitted she was a bit shocked by the whirlwind that is Little Guy when he first came into her class! She said his best personality trait is his ability to strike up a friendship with any kid within seconds, she has no worries about him doing well at school next year. Yaye!

Little Boy Scrooge


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