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I really enjoy making new discoveries, learning new things and generally finding out a lot about new topics. I seem to apply this way of thinking to new music too. I like to 'google' songs I have heard on TV or in movies. iTunes is great for learning about music similar to your tastes. Once I hear a song I like I will then 'google' the artist, look them up on Wikipedia and maybe like their Facebook page. I guess I don't like a faceless tune. Reading what inspired a song or how a person's life experiences have influenced their music makes me appreciate it even more. I do so wish I were musical!

The other day Crafty Squirrel told me about her few of her favourite tracks right now. Between those suggestions and the songs of the Breaking Dawn Part 1 soundtrack I discovered an absolute gem of a website, Noisetrade. Have you heard of it?

On Noisetrade independent artists or up and coming artists are able to share their music FREE! You can leave a tip, which I think is a nice idea. It's a really cool way for you and I to discover new music and for those artists to get the word out about what they are up to. Right now heaps of generous artists have Christmas albums to download!

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