Noodle and the gang have a sleepover

A couple of months ago Noodle told me that one of his friends was having a sleepover on the last day of term. Noodle was very excited as he hasn't had a sleepover with his classmates before. Imagine my surprise, after weeks of planning, when I was informed that the sleepover was to take place at our home! Somehow the boy who had come up with the idea hadn't gotten parental approval, his mum said no and that was that. Me, being the wonderful mum that I am, readily agreed to host the event so tonight I find myself home with a house full of boys. Nine including my two and ten once Mr Mee a Bee gets home from his work Christmas party.

Originally the kids had intended on going to a public bath house. One of the kids has coupons or some connection to it. This was the only part of the evening I was not keen on. Being responsible for eight boys, riding their bikes in the dark, then coming home after a steamy bath in the cold winter air, I was more than concerned. Thankfully the gods saved the day with rain! The boys were easily persuaded to take their baths here at home. (And they did so without fuss in little teams, very civilized!).

So far it has been a great success. They're all excited but their mothers have told them all to be on their best behavior. Sleepovers are a rarity in this country so they're not willing to push any rules. Armed with the ubiquitous GameBoys they are all happy. I did entice a few of them out of the room to play board games with Little Guy and they watched TV for a little while. Now they're all snuggled up under the covers on the futons I made up on the floor of Noodle's room. Their gameboy things are internet connectable and they have tapped into some hapless neighbor's WiFi.

Dinner was a happy event, pictured. I cooked up a whole packet of spaghetti, a huge bag of frozen meatballs went into my homemade spaghetti sauce, a few oven chips and some baked chicken nuggets satisfied their tummies. They all tried out their English on me, they just started learning at school this year.

The night is still young but I honestly think they'll all go to sleep without any trouble. They have all brushed their teeth (so well-trained) so I don't think midnight snacks will be needed. I might as well put my feet up in front of the TV while I wait for Mr. Mee a Bee. Easiest sleepover ever! Touch wood.


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