The latest escapades of Little Guy

Little guy the escape artist
So yesterday afternoon at about four Little Guy informed me that he was going to play with his friends next door. It was cold and getting dark so I insisted that he wear a jacket to which he complied.

An hour or so later he arrived back with a package in his hand FROM THE 100 YEN SHOP. Oh my god, I nearly died, he had walked in the half dark all the way to the train station 100 yen shop! BY HIMSELF! As you know I have struggled with 'helicopter parenting', have tried my best to be 'a free-range parent' but this shocked me. He's only six after all and a terror on the streets. My rule of walking carefully and calmly falls on deaf ears, he runs across the road with his eyes closed most of the time. It's a good fifteen minute walk to our station for an adult, several roads to cross and a busy street. I cringe to think of it.

So what was he so desperate to buy? Pellets for a BB Gun that some kind friend bestowed upon him. And a bottle of Fanta. Really. My stance on no soft-drinks for kids and no guns or violent toys? He missed that memo.

I guess all I can say is I am glad he was wearing a jacket.

(The picture above is from earlier in the year when we were in New Zealand. I should have been suspicious when he took his bag and wallet yesterday!)

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