Wishlist, modestly hopeful

It's my birthday next week, Monday actually. I don't want my kids to forget so I have been talking it up this week. Tonight I reminded Mr. Mee a Bee. He claims to have it under control. Here's my wishlist.


A pink swimming cap. Probably not flowery! I love these though. I have two swimming caps already but they stink awfully since I often leave them wet in my bag...oops.

I already have a pink iPod, I'd love an iPod touch though. Or a 3G iPad mini.

iTunes cards, I seem to chew through these. Noodle was cross that I had guessed what he was planning to get when I mentioned it.

Boots. I have ordered some boots for myself. Riding home from swimming it's absolutely freezing and everyone is wearing boots this year! These are Crocs! They have so many cute designs are they're not too expensive.

Kitchen Aid, still hopeful that one day I will get one. Probably not pink in my kitchen but it looked nice with my other choices.

Pink Ribbon? Sunday is the big day for my first mammogram. Eek. It's offered by the city health program, heavily subsidized, for over forties. Yeah, that's me, 41 on Monday.

This evening we got an email from our kindergarten with the terribly distressing news of the death of one of the kindy mums. She had been ill and I don't know what illness but I feel glad to be taking the step myself to make sure my health is good. Mind you Little Guy said that if I died he'd be glad not to have to speak English anymore. Sob sob, kids can be so fickle.



  1. Lets hope your wishes come true Jac xx

  2. Happy birthday for Monday, mine is on the 16th so know what it is like to have birthday so close to Xmas. Like your gift list, would love a kitchen aid too.

  3. oh my goodness! what a comment from Little Guy!!! you must have a very thick skin! one day your kids will love their bi-cultural-ness. happy birthday :-)


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