Yet more reasons to love Japan! Birthdays!

Today I was treated to a gorgeous lunch out with my two lovely friends who had secretly asked the chef to prepare a surprise for me. Sitting there oblivious I was alarmed when the stereo system started playing quite a loud song. It soon became apparent it was "happy birthday". Oh my god! That's not for me is it? I exclaimed in shock. My fears were confirmed when the smiling waitress arrived with this plate of cakes. How embarrassing! Everyone in the cafe looked and a few people clapped! Luckily it was a small cafe, only about ten other people in there. As embarrassing as it was, it was so wonderful to have something special done for me. There was even a candle to blow out.

Thanks you guys! I promised to put a picture on my blog. Shall I put up one of you two?



  1. Aw, how lovely! And yummy!! Happy birthday xx

  2. The food looks beautifully presented Jacqui and you look lovely! Honestly you look like you must be celebrating your 25th birthday not the age you claim to be! xo

  3. You are waaaaaay too kind! But thanks! So much!


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