A little boy's dream day: firemen appreciation day

I'll admit to being just a tiny bit resentful of having to get Little Guy up and ready for kindergarten on the last SUNDAY of the winter holidays. And in truth I left it all to Mr. Mee a Bee, he's such an early bird. I soon changed my mind when I arrived at the event the kids had been invited to: our city's annual firemen appreciation day! Little Guy was in seventh heaven when we picked him up.

Dinky little fire engines in a row


The kids in the third year class actually got to go inside the fire station to watch everything and spoke to real firemen.

Little Guy is a huge fan of emergency services, particularly the police and fire brigade. It was like Christmas for him and has spawned three days of furious Lego City building here at home. My hands are raw from the constant sifting through piles of tiny sharp blocks looking for that one piece we need! A little while ago I would have said we have way too much Lego but seeing the results of our efforts I am changing my mind. It's very hard to get Little Guy to concentrate on anything for any period of time but we've just done two full days of five to six hours straight Lego building. Today he couldn't wait to get home from kindy to get an hour in before his swimming lesson.

60 m high!

Last week there was a real fire a few streets away from me. There was an amazing amount of smoke and even ash blowing over our house. Little Guy and my aunty went to have a look at the scene the next day. It was both terrifying and exciting for them.

I don't know what Little Guy will be when he grows up but for now I am happy he's showing such an interest in this worthy profession and that it's helping his attention span!



  1. My son has decided that he REALLY wants to be a fireman. Unfortunately there are only really small fire engines around here so I'm hoping he doesn't find a more exciting occupation before he can realise this dream.... I kind of like the idea of having a fireman for a son!

  2. Apart from the danger aspect it seems like a good idea for us too. Have you ever seen the "future firemen club" for kids, it seems like scouts?

    1. I've never heard of that... I wonder if they also have it in the countryside?


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