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It's been ages since I wrote about movies, hasn't it? We watched a few over the holidays, but it was case of win some lose some. One that we enjoyed was Beginners which stars Ewan McGregor, playing a character called Oliver (did you watch that Oliver Jeffers clip yet?!).



It's a quiet little film set in LA. Oliver is a single guy who can't seem to find luck in love. He's not really shy but he is kind of introverted. You get a sense of the reasons why when you see flashbacks of his childhood memories. Early on in the film he meets a delectable French girl, an actress with that amazing sense of style that French people have, quirky and chic. I don't want to divulge to much more of the plot but I definitely recommend this film for its study of family dynamics. (her wonderful outfits, the cool homes they live in and of course Ewan McGregor are an added bonus).

A Night for Dying Tigers was one of the weirder ones we have watched recently. The house was exceptional (apparently designed by the architect father character). It was a bit too odd for my taste and very melodramatic.

Did you watch the Golden Globes? Of all the films both nominated and winning awards I can't say that any of them really appeal to me. Except maybe Argo? Musicals are not my thing so I don't think Les Mis will be on my watchlist. No doubt my husband will come home with Zero Dark Thirty at some point and I will love it, strong female lead and all. It's always interesting to watch films like this one to see different points of view about war/terrorism/The Middle East.

Got any films to recommend?



  1. Silver linings playbook looks good too.

  2. I watched the Beginners when it came out, because of Ewan McGregor and I really liked it. Also Salmon Fishing in Yemen! I also watched Argo and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. It was a very good movie: excellent story, gripping from beginning to end, suspenseful, just a right amount of humor and some very good acting. It was long, but I never stirred in my chair. Highly recommended.
    I saw Zero Dark Thirty a few days ago, and my only thought right now (and lets not talk about torture and other controversies) is - it was very, very long. In well over 2 hr, I looked at my watch too many times. I was really disappointed. Long and drawn out. Acting was good, but nothing special. And the strong female character. Blah. Again, I was just waiting for it to finish.

  3. Thanks Nina, good advice in that one.
    Salmon Fishing in the Yemen! I loved that, saw it on the plane last year, Emily Blunt and Ewan McGregor were fabulous and I really liked the Yemenese hunk too. It was a cute little story.
    Will be looking out for Argo when it arrives in Japan.

  4. i just saw this and LOVED it! i picked it up randomly at the little community library near us. I'll be looking out for Salmon Fishing in the Yemen a good recommendation. love from nz


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