Even Bugs Bunny had the right idea

Today was a public holiday. It was raining heavily for most of the day, perfect sewing weather. I happily holed up in my little room, next to the heater, for the better part of the afternoon. As I was sewing a few odd bags I wanted to finish, a couple of weekend orders, some gifts for friends, I couldn't help thinking how happy I am when sewing. I mean I could happily do it for hours, days, weeks. I sometimes wish it was all I had to do since there are so many incomplete projects in my sewing cupboards.

Later Little Guy was watching an old episode of Bugs Bunny on television. Bugs was asked where he gets all his money from. He explained that he had invented a carrot peeler. Each month he received royalty cheques. He lived off his invention. His friend Daffy (?) wanted in on the action and attempted to invent some stuff too. It did not work out too well and he complained that all the good things had already been invented. Bugs explained how inventing works. He said you have to have passion, as he does for carrots. He pulled out a little notebook in which he kept all his ideas, waiting for the best ones!

Year of the Snake


Are you a note maker? I have tons of notebooks myself. I often come up with ideas for bags and other Mee a Bee related things. My problem is that I get bogged down in the day to day drudgery of life and never really give myself over to working on new idea development. Maybe this will be the year to do it? My husband has complete faith in me. Just yesterday he asked me to think about where xyz computer company had its beginnings - in a garage! he exclaimed. That was his version of a pep talk. He's most definitely a "slow and steady wins the race" type of a guy. The perfect compliment to my " I want it all and I want it now" way of thinking?




  1. This IS the year for doing. I'm looking forward to following all your progress and hopefully developing a few things together too.

  2. Oh man, I wish I had enough time to make all the quilts I've sketched out!! My latest pattern is inspired by a manhole cover pattern, and on Sunday my husband pointed out another one and said I should make one like that too, lol! Yes, wehn I have the time!

  3. I am right with you on the sewing all day every day. I don't need anything else. As for wanting it all right now. Think back a couple of years! Think on all the achievements, blog mentions, magazine pictures etc. featuring your creations! I dunno about slow but you are doing pretty damn fine m'dear!


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