Japanese Street Fashion

My auntie spent a week in Tokyo before departing Japan. I bet she saw some pretty amazing outfits on all the cool kids around town! Even here in our small city there are quite a few snappy dressers. We both noted that men's fashion is pretty advanced. Back in NZ upgrading to a collared shirt instead of a t shirt is considered pushing the boundaries!

Gothic Japanese Street Fashion
Kera Shop


You may have noticed here on my blog I have a page about my Personal Shopping Service. It's been a popular page as people from all over the world have enquired about help with buying stuff from Japan. One of the more interesting ones I am in the process of completing is for Japanese Street clothes and costumes. I hadn't ever searched online for such clothes but it's really fascinating to note that it's a hugely popular category of fashion. Having seen a documentary about this trend I do know that it's an all encompassing lifestyle, rather than simply about the clothes.

I had a hard time picking a favourite since I am really a jeans and t shirt kind of girl too. But I think this costume pictured is terrific. I love the bag that comes in the same range. I couldn't venture to say what genre it falls into? Steampunk? Gothic? According to the site this is one of the 'it' looks of 2013 and is a combination of Gothic, Punk, Lolita, Rock and Girly. Fabulous!

I have a small order of goodies due to arrive later this week. I know their new owner is over the moon about being able to get her hands on them! I'm rather pleased to have stepped into a new world as well!



  1. I can just see you turning up to a PTA event in that! I would come all the way just to see the faces of the other parents!


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