Living in the moment

In keeping with my new zen-based philosophy of living in the moment, today I am sharing just a few of the things I am happy for and grateful for. At this moment.

I spent a lovely morning cleaning up my sewing room, listening to a little set of songs from Matt Pond. It was a free download from Noisetrade and for the price of a cup of coffee I was able to leave a tip. In one of the songs the lyric is "Some day I'll stop breathing. My heart will stop beating. But I'll never stop singing"
I like it.

Little Guy and I went out for lunch, something you know I love to do. We have but a few months left of time together, just the two of us, at lunch-time. Once school starts for him the half-day Wednesday will no longer exist. He's still just a little annoying to take out, either walking painfully slowly, or not watching where he is going or jumping crazily from midway down flights of stairs. At lunch though he's great, a good little eater.

While we were out we stopped in at the shoe shop. My LEAST favourite place with kids. Happily we found a cool pair of sneakers for Little Guy for half price! Getting ready for school slowly. Though they wear a uniform at our primary school any kind of sneaker is allowed. They seem to get wrecked pretty quickly so you need at least a couple of pairs.

At the same shop I found a little stand of Burt's Bees lip balms and cuticle creams. It's the first time I have ever seen that brand for sale around here.

It's Wednesday! midweek. hump day. and I have swimming tonight! I am happy to be getting back into a fitness routine after the tremendous eating schedule over Christmas and New Years.

I've been thinking about a couple of really great days spent with my aunty. We had such a good time these holidays. Even though the holiday is over I am still reveling in the memories.

Friends! my friend Tam, new owner of BabyBites had some very kind words to say about Mee a Bee on the site this week. My lovely friends, sisters Kim and Jodee are being reunited today as Matisse has finally been given the go-ahead by her doctors in the USA to return home to NZ! And I am thinking about Maddie today as little Aspen undergoes a tonsillectomy. I know she'll be fine but it's a harrowing thing to go through (Noodle had the same surgery when he was four).

Got anything to share today that's making you smile?


  1. I was smiling when I got my car back from getting its first shaken. I was starting to take for granted things like car radios that work, electric windows, central locking and non-tobacco smelling upholstery! All it takes is a couple of days in a courtesy car to really appreciate what you have!


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