Recipe for success - mealtimes with kids

Mealtimes are a huge source of stress for me. The expectation of another failed meal builds into anxiety and quickly turns into exasperation and frustration. Is it just me or is feeding the family a nightmare?

Take last Saturday for instance. It was Mr. Mee a Bee's birthday this weekend. Noodle decided to make a Banana Cake. Little Guy elected to make some Ginger 'Dead' Men using our new Fred skeleton cookie cutters. We were all happy at lunchtime as we discussed making Daddy's birthday really special.

I did most of the baking myself in the end since they got busy with friends in the afternoon but I am happy baking. With music going, nice weather and the kids behaving nicely I was inspired to set the table with flowers from our own garden (there are only camellias). It was a perfect day in every respect.

Come seven o' clock, Mr Mee a Bee finally arrives home from work and all hell breaks loose. The kids are hyper-excited for the next twenty-four hours effectively ruining the rest of the birthday. Mealtimes are especially gruesome. Why?

Tonight it's just the three of us for dinner. I made an early start and prepared everything to be on the table by five thirty / six. The boys were a dream. We all chatted and ate heartily. There was even dessert. No arguing. No food spilt on the floor. No complaining over the dishes I'd prepared.

I feel so sorry for Mr. Mee a Bee that he seldom gets to see the kids getting along and enjoying life as a family. Can anyone relate?


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  1. I can relate all too well! As a mum I am quite happy to wash clothes, clean the house - even changing nappies never bothered me that much. But I would be so much happier if I could skip the 4 or so hours I spend in the kitchen each day not to mention the stress thinking about it and then getting fussy eaters to eat! It has improved with the eldest who I used to be at complete war with just to get him to come and sit at the table to eat but now I have the other little one who used to be my good eater picking at food and jumping on and off her chair. grr tonight we ate out to mark the end of the holidays before tom starts school tmrw, and they were all angels!!!


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