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This afternoon I've made a batch of Anzac Biscuits and a pot of Red Lentil, Kumara & Carrot Soup. In the oven I baked some Honey Mustard Salmon and the rice cooker was chugging away for a while. Little Guy just made me laugh by asking what was for dinner, and expressing his fervent wish that it be ... Macaroni Cheese! Oh such gourmet taste buds!


Over the past week I've been dipping in and out of this blog: Dinner, a love story. I have my good friend Brenda to thank for sending the link my way. DALS, for short, documents one family's meals, as they endeavor to eat together every single night, as a family! Eek! That sends a nasty shiver down my spine, you know what my kids are like at dinner time.

In actual fact most of the time it's just me and Little Guy here at dinner, Noodle is out three evenings a week with his dinner in a bento box. Mr. Mee a Bee eats at eight or so, usually after he has read Little Guy a story and while I am at the gym. Still I do like the idea of everyone eating the same thing. Even though we don't eat together I still have to feed everyone.

I thoroughly recommend Dinner, a love story. We're definitely on the same page about broccoli. They are so down to earth and realistic about what families really like to eat.


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