Help! I am drowning! In self-pity!

Last Thursday I found an iPhone lying on my driveway. I was pretty happy with how I resolved the issue of returning it to its owner so posted to Facebook and waited for all the lovely pats on the back from my friends. I got what I wanted and felt even more pleased with myself. Some of my friends wondered if I had called New Zealand or done anything else before handing it over. Of course I hadn't, and one friend mentioned 'karma'.

What goes around, comes around?

So thinking I was due some good karma I am puzzled over these events since then.

Thursday morning - I'm a good citizen, return a lost phone to its owner.

Thursday evening - Little Guy's swimming togs are taken home by another kid in the class. ie.lost

Same evening - We have locked ourselves out of the house and have to wait at McDonald's for Mr. Mee a Bee. Finally get inside at 7.30pm.

In the confusion of lost togs and forgotten keys we forget Little Guy's registration card at swimming.

Today - Little Guy's brand new sneakers are gone after swimming class (presumed stolen, hopefully mistaken identity?). He has worn these sneakers exactly three times since we bought them.

Faith is restored?

Just got a call from the swimming club. His togs have shown up. Yaye. We also found his card in the lost property box this morning.

Now we just need the sneakers back please oh gods of good fortune!

Mood swings

Looking at the picture I chose to represent my mood, you can see how delicate the balance is

a good day = I am coping vs. a bad day = I am drowning

Lately I feel just marginally over the threshold and it doesn't take much to tip the scale. Obviously I am letting myself succumb to self-pity. In the scheme of things none of this is dire. But combined with some of my other stresses it's easy to feel glum sometimes.

How do you deal with major slumps?


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  1. Major slumps mean hibernation for me. They result in days on the sofa watching horrible TV and scoffing chocolate biscuits. They result in huge weight gains which don't exactly help me get out of my slump! Usually it is work that pulls me out of it. I am forced to leave the house and I usually meet up with one person who manages to say something nice or give me something special that flips me out of it.
    I really hope your slump ends very soon.


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