In my dreams! Doing fun things as a couple again.

An idyllic couple relax at the gym

It's always interesting meeting a person's spouse. Especially when you have known one half of the entity for a while, you usually have some preconceived notion of what he or she will be like. It's been interesting for me to learn that a number of my friends at swimming are actually couples. There's one couple in particular that I have taken a fancy to. They're the nicest people you could meet. I think it's a terrific way to spend evenings together. Swimming or exercising, relaxing in the spa. I'm quite jealous of their easy relationship and shared passion.

Last year I was able to get some free gym passes to give away. I jumped at the chance hoping that my husband would be keen to come along with me at some point. Obviously it's a few years away as we do the evening switch over, he comes home to stay with the kids while I go to my exercise classes.

Mr. Mee a Bee has been suffering terrible back and leg pain for several months. His doctors are unable to confirm the diagnosis nor make any positive prognosis. It's been quite excruciating at times which is very worrying. I thought that water walking might be a good therapy for him. Today he finally went along to try it out. I was so happy. Not only because it was a relaxing afternoon for him but because he got to see where I love to hang out!

He was under strict instructions not to tell anyone that he is my husband. Why? Well he's very skinny and quite slight. As you know, I am the opposite. It's embarrassing to be bigger than your spouse. If he ever joins the gym for real it will be a great motivation for me to really get into shape!

What do you and your fella enjoy doing together? Do you dream of the day when you can do couple things together without the kids? Is it something you try and do now, have 'date nights'?



  1. Like you we now "tag team" our sports unless it's a family trip we are doing - like next week - we are coming to Japan soon for a ski trip- yay very excited- we will put our daughter in ski lessons and get to ski together some of the time. It is our 3 rd trip to Japan - loved it the previous 2 times so back for more. We do different things at the gym so going together never worked for us but outdoor stuff like biking is good.

  2. The only thing we seem to be able to do together lately is cut wood and get it stacked for the fire.... not exactly romantic, but we do occassionally talk to each other as we are sweating away!


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