My home featured in the Ikea Live magazine!

Hi there folks, well it's a very exciting day for me, I've been featured in the Ikea Live magazine! Both in print and online! You can view the article here, as well as a few of the other photos.

The pictures were taken (by me) in December of last year. I have been waiting patiently all this time to be able to tell you about it.

Here's the live version on Ikea's website: Jacqui on Ikea Live and if you are interested in reading the English text I have a PDF file only so I linked to it from here: English, Jacqui on Ikea Live.

It's truly a dream come true! We're big fans of Ikea here simply because it's so affordable and so flexible in how it's used. It's absolutely revolutionised storage at my place which is essential since I work from home and have two children.

Would you like to be in the magazine? It's really fun and easy so let me know!

I was so happy when the actual magazine came in the mailbox!!

Some of the items in my home that are not mentioned: my StickyTiki wall decals. My bags, Mee a Bee. Most of the furniture shown is from Ikea, couch, bookcases, dining room table, vases.

It's been an exciting weekend as I said!!

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