Mee a Bee- grand reopening

In June, at the start of summer I had a spot of bother (all resolved now) so I made the decision to close my shop temporarily.

By July things were starting to get back to normal but I was mentally and physically exhausted. The shop remained closed.

In August I took my kids off to New Zealand and was welcomed into the loving arms of my family. I started to feel like myself again.

We were back in Japan by the beginning of September but I have to tell you travelling, then returning to the heat of the never-ending summer wears you out. My shop was still sad and neglected.

Then I woke up full of energy and I could sew again. I spent hours trolling the internet for gorgeous fabrics. I dragged out my dusty sewing machine and got back to work.

This October the shop has re-opened. It's wonderful and I am very proud. Fifteen new bag designs have been created. You can pick your strap length and even choose different colour straps.

It was a long summer. One filled with both happy memories and events I'd rather forget. But it was worth the wait to see Mee a Bee back better than ever. I hope you'll take a look.

Thank you.

Mee a Bee