Autumn in Japan - Fun family times

September is still really hot in Japan. Somehow it was bearable for me this year, I think because I had escaped for a few weeks to lovely New Zealand winter. We managed to get out and about quite a lot.

A lot of public holidays and events fall in the latter part of the year. Sports Day, Grandparent's Day (Respect for the Aged Day), First Day of Autumn (Equinox).

The view back to town from the park / nature reserve.
Here are a few pictures of my family this past September, October and early November.
At a new park that opened in our city.
This is Kansai Airport. Built on a man-made island 3km out.
I had a girl's day out at this cool cafe, housed in a cotton mill.

My three boys (husband and the boys now 13 and 8)

Higanbana - these flowers bloom around cemeteries in early autumn

My favourite shrine/ temple, Negoro-ji.

The Giant Undies Race, like a three-legged race. At sport's day.

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