Camping in Japan

In 2010 the Mee a Bees decided to give camping a try. We have been on two weekend camping trips so far and we're absolutely hooked! Here are my thoughts on the matter.

our first tent, practice run in our garden


I took the plunge and bought a tent from The Flying Pig (Costco). We went about it a bit backwards since we didn't know where and when we'd be using it.

It turns out the best campsites get booked out early so it's kind of crucial to take the first step of making a reservation as early as possible. I bought a magazine about camping from the local book store (I think they're only available in Japanese). We found a place that was close to home, about an hour drive, and relatively easy to get to - not too far off the main highway. This book or those of it's kind are so useful. For each site you'll find a map, the nearest highway interchange and time required to drive from there. You'll also learn how far in advance bookings can be made.

I searched online for camping equipment lists. I found several but I really liked the one I got for subscribing to Mom and Dad 

Then started the frenzy of buying the aforementioned equipment. I will talk more about that another day but lets just say I am a regular at Sports Depo, Sports Authority, Coleman and Amazon Outdoor Gear!

Drop me a line if you want to talk camping.