Thanks Made by SwirlyGirl!

I was so flattered and thrilled to be interviewed by Laurie, aka. Made by Swirly Girl, last week. She's chosen her favourite Mee a Bee pictures, including one of me, and posted the entire interview on her blog. I was so touched by the preface written by Laurie:

I "met" Jacqui through an online group of artists and artisans we both joined to learn more about selling our creations online. What stood out about her to me was that she seems to have created a niche for herself that I've seen very little (if any) competition for and the fact that it appears that she has learned to balance family and business, despite having two young children at home! I see Jacqui's updates on Facebook and Twitter and I am amazed at how much work she seems to consistently get done, and that her "Biggie" and "Little Guy" are so helpful in the process! I'm pleased that she wanted to do this interview and I'm hoping some of her productivity will rub off on me! :-)

Thank you Laurie, you're so kind.

Laurie makes blank notecards and all occasion cards. She's a former ballet dancer, ballet teacher, and choreographer. Take a look at this stunning photograph in her store. I love all the ballet ones, they'd look amazing framed, don't you think?

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  1. You're so sweet! Thanks so much Jacqui! I loved reading about you!


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