An Internet Sensation? Just great music and glorious cinematography

The Piano Guys


I have my friend Erinn to thank for my latest musical obsession: The Piano Guys. Have you heard of them? They are marvelous. According to their google blurb they're an Internet sensation but don't let that put you off. You really must visit their site, buy their album(s) and watch every single one of their YouTube videos. It's essential that you read their explanation of each piece of music, the back-story, their inspiration, their reasons for performing a song a certain way. I can't enough of their mashup songs. True artistry. Like Beethoven's 5 Secrets / One Republic. It's just amazing. My kids are big ColdPlay fans and love The Piano Guys version of Paradise. It's sung in African! Oh my goodness there isn't a tune I don't love, except maybe the Star Wars one ...

Now I am really wishing I did not give up learning the cello. Of course after a year of lessons at age thirteen and never progressing past Mary had a little lamb, obviously I have zero musical talent.


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