Let's talk about skin

Are you fortunate to have good skin? If so I envy you! I think it's probably closer to the truth that most people will have some issue with their skin, be it wrinkles or sun damage, pimples or oil control. It's seems unfair to be have reached my forties and now suffer all of the above, yet I am often complimented on my lovely skin. Let me just say I wear a LOT of makeup!


On to the topic of pimples. With Noodle an up and coming teen-to-be I often exam his face with glee in search of that pioneer pimple. He has marvelous skin, not only is it smooth and even, it's also incredibly elastic. Sometimes we can't help touching and pinching at it, both my husband and I. As yet it's unblemished and I would be so happy if it remained so. We should probably keep our hands off it.

Yesterday Noodle told me that one of his friends has a giant pimple on his cheek. I explained that its not nice to have a pimple (or heaps of pimples). They are sore and you feel like everyone is looking at you. I didn't have too many pimples as a teen, I was pretty normal in that regard I think. Though my mother had me on a skin care regime from a young age. Still I remember the pain of bad skin very well. I probably imagined it was worse than it was.

After I gave birth to Noodle I suffered more than a few painful acne type spots so I turned to Proactiv. It was amazing and really worked. Eventually I stopped using it as my skin had cleared up but I had also developed a sensitivity to it. I am glad to know that a good product exists if either of my kids has a problem in the future. In contrast, my skin was never better than after I had Little Guy.

Another product I have been using for a while is BioOil. It's touted as the magic formula to repair scars and stretch marks (don't get started on those). I started using it after a pimple I had on my face a couple of years ago left an awful scar (YES I picked at it, tsk tsk). Despite applying BioOil correctly for the recommended period of three months I didn't notice the scar improved dramatically but I did notice how smooth my face seemed. It contributed to a much more even skin tone and really helps counteract the dryness in the air during winter. I use it under my normal moisturizer. My skin is generally quite oily in the T-zone and obviously this is an oil but it's not oily if you know what I mean.

Do you have skin-care tip to share? Or a nagging issue with your skin? Anybody who knows me knows about my obsession with skin. And teeth. And eyebrows. I know, weird!



  1. Oh Jacqui! You might claim to wear a lot of make up but seriously there is not a wrinkle or spot in sight in that photo and I swear you could still pass for 20! I feel like it has all been downhill since the birth of my second one! Skin, eyesight, hair and still the odd spot at 40!!!!! Oh well, I keep reminding myself of the wisdom that comes with age! I also love to feel how smooth our little boys skin is! I can't ever imagine him having stubble on those soft cheeks!

  2. My daughter is just hitting puberty and her skin is starting to show it... there seem to be so many different products available that it is hard to know where to start. I've seen the ads for Proactiv, but have always been a bit sceptical... you've convinced me that if her skin gets worse it will be worth a try.
    As for that photo... jealous is the only thing I can say! I wear basically zero makeup and it is obvious! And is also the reason that there are very few photos of me...


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