Why didn't I think of that? (dressing your kids)

Some time last year I was in need of underwear for Little Guy. The ones he'd been wearing for years were great but when I went to buy the same ones of course I couldn't find them. Fortunately I found a much better replacement at Muji. I'm not really one to rave about undies but their ones are just lovely for boys. The softest organic cotton, a nice roomy design, cool colours and patterns but still in the muted generic style of Muji. The best thing? They are REVERSIBLE. They're Y-fronts but have the little pocket thing both inside and out. It's a small thing but makes life just a little bit simpler for little boys - just pick them up and put them on!

 This morning Little Guy was bothered by a scratchy size label on his undershirt. Normally I'd have been quick to make suggestions: cut it off, get a different shirt, GRIN AND BEAR IT! but before I could do any of that he had whipped it off, turned it inside out and put it back on! What a clever idea I exclaimed, something I would not have thought of doing (being somewhat pedantic about things done 'right'). He told me it was his teacher's idea. Oh I love that woman! no moanie groanies in her class!

Today I am sewing a bag for a little customer who has a birthday coming up. Over the course of a week or so we've been trying to pin down a design. Turns out the birthday boy is a little bit stubborn and is dead-set on a plain canvas bag despite mum and dad's efforts at persuasion for a cool Mee a Bee handpicked fabric. So plain it is! Makes me smile everytime I think of it. I know a couple of boys just like this.

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